"The lady, as Art, does not copy reality, but
formulates sentiments to enhance reality.

("Kirsch-Holz-Blüten" from Thomas Zacharias, 1993)

Tinee Kleinschroth was born as Christine Erika Kleinschroth on Dec. 12, 1973 in Wuerzburg, Germany.
There she visited the secondary school Franz-von-Siebold Gymnasium and afterwards attended the technical Balthasar-Neumann-Fachoberschule, where she matured in fine arts.
In 1996, she began to study painting and conceptual arts at the Freie Kunstakademie Nuertingen e.V. near Stuttgart (FKN), where in 2001 she matured in fine arts.
Besides that, she worked as a bartender and as a travel guide. Appearances as DJ taikong
or DJ Calibra Kokolor.

Artistic projects:
1999 "Substanz", Subbotnik- work on demand,
in cooperation with U.N. Hausmann.
2001 "This could mean anything", Installation and exhibition in the former Butchery Krauss.
Final examination for the Freie Kunstakademie Nuertingen
2002 "Die Leere in der ost-asiatischen Tuschmalerei" - Lecture at the FKN.
"Ein Freund der Familie", multimedia group exhibition during the 1. Bad Cannstatter Cultural Menu, Reiterkaserne am Hallschlag, Bad Cannstatt.
"Schwebende Zustände ", series of exhibitions and performances in cooperation with G. Julian Haecker at the "Galerie Edition Merkle", Bad Cannstatt:
"Z.E.N.- Zuschauen, Entspannen, Nachdenken", Installation
"Hier wird gekocht!", Performance 
"60 Minuten zwischen", Performance
2003 11th place out of 9000 competitors for the Muna-Photo Competition,
sponsored by ZDF Umwelt and dm.