Nippon 2004

When I travelled Japan this year, I felt like wandering in a dream.
After all I can tell you: I'm much wiser than before!
First, I reached -well- neverending wisdom and second, I also found the entry to paradise (which means that I first caressed a holy rock and then, crawled through a root hole/cave of a giant whole-tree temple column)
Additionally, I layed my head down for rest on holy Mount Koya and saw Mount Fuji rise above in golden lights. Then, I survived Fugo fish, yeah. I even loved Sushi, although I had found out about its price. I wandered chilping on the emperors wooden Nightingale floor and landed groaning on massive megalomaniac stairways made of pure granite. I liberated myself the Japanese way and also spent some time on western style heated and upholstered toilet seats. I listened to the lovely monotone voices of the lift girls and got enchanted by their subservience.
Well - I rarely felt more comfortable! Greetings from the Land of the Rising Sun - yours always.